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How To Improve Reading

  • Listening to, sounding out words and writing them down at the same time are very important aspects of learning to read.
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Parents, teach your children to listen.
Break down simple words into their component sounds from a very early age onwards.
Play games, for example:
1) I see something that begins with an/a "s", "t", "c", etc., can you guess what it is?
2) Can you guess what I am seeing? Then phonate the words e.g. "c-a-t", "s-i-t", "s-u-n".
3) With what sound does "pan", "pin", "can" and "run" end? (Emphasize the last sound when you say the word).
It might take a while for some children to grasp this principle. Don't give up. Continue playing these and similar types of games. They will enjoy this interaction and catch on eventually.
Parents or teachers have to repeat the words in the phonics books to the children many times, so that they can pick up each individual sound that makes up a word.
Write down the words that you sound out and draw small pictures next to them. Read them aloud.
Write down simple sentences with the words and read your own sentences back.
Write down your own stories with the words and read them aloud to someone else.
Use the Pronunciation Key as a guide to the sounds of the phonics, usually found at the front of a dictionary. By using this key and with the help of my books, parents or teachers are provided with the techniques they need to develop the skills to help children read, write, and spell properly.
Practise, Practise, Practise!
Read as many children's books as possible.
Please contact me and ask me a question if you have any problems.

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