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Q: Will my credit card and personal information be protected?
A: Yes. Purchasing my books is done through PayPal. PayPal's Security & Privacy statement is: "PayPal protects your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. When you use PayPal, your financial information is not shared with the merchant. Once your payment is complete, you will be emailed a receipt for this transaction."


Q: My child has a reading/spelling problem or even possibly dyslexia. Can you help us?
A: I believe that the majority of children can be helped by teaching them the correct reading and spelling techniques and strategies.


Q: Can you teach my child to read?
A: I believe that the majority of children are capable of learning to read and spell.


Q: How long will this process take?
A: It depends on the age, intellectual capacity, as well as the willingness of the child to cooperate with the teacher and parents at home. 


Q: My child is already in Grade (4-12). He experiences major reading, writing and spelling problems. Can you help me?
A: The younger the child, the easier it is to help him/her overcome the problem. If you and your child are patient and willing to work hard in order to correct the incorrect strategies, embrace the method of phonics and will diligently practise, it is possible.


Q: What is the best age to help a child to develop the correct strategy and technique in reading and spelling?
A: It depends on the child. Each child learns to read and spell at his/her own pace; but generally speaking, the best age to learn to read and spell skilfully is between the ages of 6-9 years. Then they are most open to learning and act like little "sponges", soaking up everything they are taught. It is very difficult, however, to change an acquired, previously established incorrect reading habit. Then it will take at least three years of intensive, specialised, and everyday effort from the child, tutor and parents to correct it.


Q: What technique do you prefer to teach a child to read and spell?
A: Learning to read, write and spell with phonics. Also to concentrate on how to discipline the eyes, ears and the hand to work together to establish the appropriate skill of reading, writing and spelling. There needs to be plenty of opportunity to practise reading, writing and spelling every day.


Q: Why phonics?
A: All of us are born with the ability to communicate. As we grow and develop, this ability grows and develops too.

Since the beginning of time, humans expressed themselves verbally, and over time they needed to write these ideas down. Initially, they used pictures on rocks, and later symbols on parchment and papyrus, etc. It was then possible for others to decipher/decode the written message. They could also preserve it that way. If we know the sounds and their symbols that we have in our languages today, it is possible for us to do the same thing. 3000 or more years ago, it was impossible to decipher what was written if one did not know the symbols and what sound/word they represented. This is still true today. I believe that it is unfair to teach children to read without introducing phonics / phonemes / sounds from the beginning, and not teaching them how to link the audible sound to the visible symbols. For example, if I give any of us who can read English today a script written in Hebrew, the only way we will be able to decipher it will be if we have a solid knowledge of the language and also of the sounds and the symbols. The skill of reading, spelling and writing developed from phonics and symbols, not the other way around. How can we expect our children to be able to read and write without providing them with solid knowledge of our sounds and symbols and how they blend together to make the words in our language?

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