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My e-books use a unique approach in teaching phonics for learning reading, spelling and writing*.

"How To Read: Step By Step!" and "The Next Step" are readers that teach all these aspects as one skill. Each book has a corresponding Worksheet Book. They are also available for purchase and have tasks corresponding to every page in the readers.

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The phonics books "The Secret Of Phonics" Book 1, 2 and 3, teach children all the symbols of the phonics and the specific sounds they represent. When parents read these phonics books to pre-school children out loud, they will become aware of the fact that words are constructed with these symbols that represent specific sounds. 

The books also teach children the direction their eyes need to follow when reading. They teach the ears to listen attentively to the sounds that make up a word. This lays a solid foundation for developing the skill of reading, writing and spelling.  The books are colourfully illustrated by the author and can also be used as wall-charts in Grade 1-3 classrooms.

Also available is a series of books using the same principles in teaching Afrikaans.

There is also a French phonics book available for beginner readers.

 * Published in Canada and catalogued with Library & Archives Canada.

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 Listen to the phonics in "The Secret Of Phonics"

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